I’m back!

Well, I’m back!

I missed blogging. So much.

I kid you not, two days after I posted about my hiatus I was ready to get back at it again. I resisted (barely) and though it was a challenge, I’m glad I did. A lot can happen to a person over the course of a couple months, and I wasn’t quite ready to be vulnerable with what I was so privately dealing with to the marvelously public world that is the Internet.

All in all, I guess I just needed a break. With the almost overwhelming success of my blog, I started to feel like such a hypocrite. When I wrote about dating, it was because I was struggling with WANTING to date. When I wrote about depression it was because I felt myself falling into it again. I don’t write those things because at the high and mighty age of 15 I have it all figured out. I write it because through writing it, I end up figuring it out for myself along the way.

But I’m back now. And I have some really awesome things going on behind the scenes, but you’ll get to hear about that later.

Things are going to work differently now that I’m back though.

I’m going to start posting each week on Saturday’s. (What’s that you hear? ME, attempting at consistency? Crazy, I know) and my content is going to be slightly different than what you’re used to (ex: strictly one topic, dating, humility, modesty) and through branching out in my posts I hope to lessen my feeling of being a hypocrite, give some variety, while being real and getting into the nitty gritty stuff in the process.

Thank you for dealing with my brutal honesty, my very unregular posting schedule, and all of my rabbit trails.

I love you all.

Well, not ALL of you. But most of you. 😉

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